Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Growing up I adored the brides. I like their white fancy wedding dresses. I told myself that one day I will be a bride too. I felt so fortunate to met my husband because he made my dream came true. We live in two different countries. We have different races, beliefs and cultures. We communicate through online. Our relationship as a boyfriend, girlfriend lasted for four months. After that, we decided that it was the right time to settle down. We both love each other and we have many things in common. The wedding preparation was difficult because I had to do it all by myself. I have the support of my family but still I have to do all the decision making.

Pink And Orange Bloom Layered Invitations On Shimmer Stock

My husband was half way across the world. He would only sent the money that I need for our upcoming wedding. I never thought that preparing for a wedding could be exhausting.  I was very busy preparing from smallest to biggest things. Busy looking for the best place that would  makes a wedding cake, a place that will makes the best flower arrangements for our wedding. Plus the place that will makes my wedding gown and everything.

Budding Red Layered Invitations On Shimmer Stock

I never been married before, never walk in the aisle with someone special. When my husband and I chose a date for our wedding I was ecstatic. I am finally getting married. Told my family and friends and they told me  not to forget to send their wedding invitations. Therefore, I ordered the best invitations for my wedding and sent them out to all my friends and relatives. My wedding was very special. Despite of doing all the preparation by myself I am so proud that I made it and my wedding went well with no problems. Six years after and still happily married and counting for happier years.