Saturday, May 12, 2012

Armor All- new extreme shield wax technology!

This post brought to you by Armor All. All opinions are 100% mine.


Growing up I always wanted to drive my own car. The right time came and that dream came true. I own my very first car by saving my own money. I love my car, it is my baby! I take care of my car because I want my car to last longer. I kept it clean all the time. I do not like to see any dirt, mud, grime on my car but driving it everyday as my means of primary transportation is impossible to be not expose to any kind of dirt.


I am glad there is a product likes Armor all that I can rely on. My partner in protecting my car. The new wax technology that will not only protects my car it also repels dirt and grime. How cool is that? Armor All Extreme Shield Wax is what we need. Easy to use with effortless application; no hazing, can be applied in direct sunlight, brilliant, long lasting shine, no white residue on plastic and most of all it is safe to apply on all automotive finishes. 


Armor All have their official page on Facebook, like them and  enter the "What Life Did to your Car' sweepstakes for a chance to win a Camaro SS signed by Tony Stewart. What are you waiting for? Visit them now on Facebook and enter for a chance to win! Armor All is better than ever because of its revolutionary polymer formula forms a protective shield against the elements that enable easy removal of bugs, tree sap and water spots. Would not leave white reside on plastic.




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