Friday, November 29, 2013

Feel Special with Compact Mirrors that is Hand Decorated in Europe

This post brought to you by Mont Bleu. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is the time of the year where I thank all my friends and family and relatives for being with me through their supports and unconditional love. Every year, I make a lists of what to buy and to gift for all my love ones. Of course, for the youngsters, toys and electronics but for elders and for those middle age women, I am thinking of something that will not break my bank. 


compact mirror


They almost have everything. I am thinking of something that will be unique, something that will remind me when they use it and that's when I saw the "compact mirrors" from Mont Bleu's website. Pretty and so elegant! A piece that I can be proud of, to give to every woman in my life.


Fortunately, there is a coupon availabe to use the COUPON CODE  "SCM13" when I shop at their E-shop. I love to save some money, I loved using coupons. Every piece of their compact mirrors is well made. The high quality in each piece is visible on its appearance. I would of course, get a couple for myself because it is so hard to just have one. These mirrors will be a good collection too as its comes in different designs and colors.


compact mirror


One thing that makes these compact mirrors from Mont Bleu's, is the unique concept of being hand decorated in Europe to assure the highest standards being meet and the durability. The mirrors are made of iron, plastic or aluminum. Many designs and color variations are available, even the packing.


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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Take The Apple 9L0-510 Exam And Get Ahead In Your Job!

The correct name for the Apple 9L0-510 certification exam is the Mac OS X server essentials 10.6 certificate. When you have this you will be able to help yourself a lot to get a technical job. It is a great method to enter into a career that requires you to have administration skills and information and knowledge about anything that requires you to be able to work on a network. It will teach you about all aspects of a networking including how to install things, the process of configuring an OS server, how to make mail and share files using online methods like wikis and other things too.

The certification for this exam is very well suited to people that fancy a job in the technical coordination area. It will help you to be able to gain entry into employment for a system admin job. You will be able to get into the job of a help desk specialist and a lot of other jobs in this type of field. In order to put yourself up for the exam you will need to revise and make sure that you head to the test with the mind-set that you will be able to pass. It is a great way to be able to further your job and to make sure that you obtain employment in a reputable company, one that can offer you further opportunities in the future too. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Valuable Coupons

It is true that coupons are so valuable because it does really help us to pay less from our items. In my case, I am in a tight budget, having my husband only the person making the money in the family with two kids is difficult. That is why, I used coupons in any way I could. These Palmolive coupons was sent to me. Each coupon has $1.50 saving off.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Allstate: "Good Hands for the Good Life"

This post brought to you by Allstate. All opinions are 100% mine.

Growing up, becoming a mother was definitely my dream. I love kids, I took care of my younger siblings when they were little; and mom would always told me, that I was a responsible big sister.  And someday, I will be a good mother, too. That time, I did not really experienced how hard it was to be a mother. I had no clue about mom waking up in the middle of the night attending my younger siblings when they cried, because they were wet or hungry or was hurt. I was sleeping all night.


When I became a mother and have my newborn babies. I felt liked I could not go on for another day. It was very difficult, they were so tiny and so delicate. I was on my own. My mom was in another country. I saw  how she took care of my siblings when they were babies, but that was long time ago. All I could do was to do my best, and survived the every night ordeal. Waking up in the middle of the night was driving me crazy. Slept deprivation was on top my list. Life had drastically changed for worst? 


At first, that is what I think. But, as my kids growing, I am grateful of what I had been through. They are so precious and I loved being a "mom" - I am glad that I kept believing that it will not be forever, that my babies will grow up, and each day should be treasured instead. Now, they are five years old and 15 months old. They are happy kids that growing beautifully each day.



Believing to yourself is the key to a successful or to a good life. Life is not all about happiness, it has sadness, struggles, trials that we may face along the road. I struggled attending my babies every night, but I survived. If we believed that we can do it, yes we can! Have you heard about Allstate Good Life? They are the only insurance company who works everyday to help build more good in the lives of their customers.


Now, is your turn to share your life or struggles in life, that make you live a good life today. Leave a comment below. Would love to read it.


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