Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Favorite Fish Place

Favorite Fish Place

Written by Sonny Quinn

Eating out during Lent on a Friday night is something that I have to do because I follow the teaching of no meat on Fridays. However, my wife cannot stand the smell of fish when it is cooking because that is all she had to eat when she was growing up. That is when I know that the restaurants are the best place to turn to because they are going to have a great tasting fish that I want to eat. Then I can also see that my wife and kids are going to enjoy the seafood as well because someone else is making it.

To help us narrow it down we end up selecting a couple of different restaurants to try out before Lent happens. ! Then we will go in and see what kind of fish they are serving before we decide on going into that place to eat. However, we know that they could end up running specials during Lent and if the regular fish that they have tastes good, can you imagine our excitement when we order the special that they are running.

After we eat our special dinner out we go to the house so we can relax. On the way home we decide who should input the security code because we remembered to set the home security alarm (home security new york) before we left the house.