Saturday, April 30, 2011

What A Beautiful Day

Everybody was tired and sick of rainy and cold days. I have enough of cold season. Finally, today the sun was out and it was a wonderful, perfect day to stay outside the house and do some yard works. Morning was a grocery shopping. We went to Walmart and went home after. Had lunch and my husband's friend came over so that they could work together in changing his buddy's tire. We have our tool or machine called tire changer which can easily pulled the tire out from the wheel. It was over and his buddy left.

Still has a plenty of time left and the day was precious to waste instead of trimming weeds, cutting grass tomorrow he did it today. Our neighbors were also outside doing some yard works and Taylor, the granddaughter. Our daughter was playing in the yard, Taylor came over to our yard and they played together until it was dinner time.

The day was really enjoyed as i evens got the chance to eradicate some weeds from my two flower beds and cleaned them. Our tulips are all blooming in different colors they are very pretty. I knew everybody was grateful and thankful for a beautiful day today. I wish this is the beginning towards the summer.


LisaWeidknecht said...

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