Monday, May 2, 2011

Family Matters

Watching TLC channel yesterday and the show caught my interest. I was stuck until the end. I want to see the ending of it. The show called "enough" featured the Filipino couple. I was not really sure about their location but somewhere in the USA. I am a Filipino myself that is why i was really interested to watched the show. It was about a couple who both have a demanding jobs. They have the  two little children under the age of five. Their house was not that beautiful in the outside but it was big. Old looking house.

Inside the house was unbelievably cluttered, clutters all over the place. It is so unhealthy to have a lifestyle likes that with little kids around the house and even so without children still very unhealthy and very unpleasant to have clutters all over. How can you be proud of your house and invite friends and relatives over and have parties or any gatherings? All bedrooms were occupied with their clutters. The husband was willing to change and very cooperative with the ideas that were being open and offered by the show host.

Common sense, it was for everybody's benefit. The wife annoys me in so many ways. She is educated but yet acting like a dumb thinking so narrowed. She was so reluctant to better their lifestyle and get rid off all the garbage, clutters and unused clothes, items and other things from their house. Evens the host of the show commented and said that he never met anyone like her! The ending was good and she was so thankful that their house is back and with all the spaces that they could see there before.