Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grandpa's Eye Surgery

Called my mom lasts night while my husband and daughter busy outside cooking our dinner on the grill. We had barbecue pork, hotdogs, Italian sausages and potatoes with mix vegetables. Mom and i talked about her eye problem. Before that, we talked first about my grandfather's eye surgery lasts week. I am so proud of my grandfather he is in his late 70's and had a stage four cataract in his one eye. When i visited them last Christmas I knew how bad it was until I left early this year. He complaint about his eyesight. No health insurance so money is a big problem. Grandpa had his eye surgery, cataract had been removed and now he is doing fine. My grandfather processed all the papers for his eye surgery. At his age with the eye problem he managed to do all the stuffed needed for his eye surgery all by himself.

Now, my mom also have a cataract in one of her eye. She has a diabetes and her blood pressure is also a concern. She is on a serious diet as she needs it to for her eye surgery. Her eye also has a cataract. My mom's older sister also have a cataract but her cataract is in stage two which can still wait a little longer unlike my mom she is like my grandfather, and her cataract is in stage four. I pray that GOD will guide her through her journey and will be safety whenever she is ready for her eye surgery. Laser procedure and will last for two hours and sometimes under two hours. I hope that my mom will not get nervous, praying that GOD will takes care of her and give her all the strength she needs. My siblings are their to take care of her. How is wish i can also be there but unfortunately I live here in USA which is half way around the world.

Have to call my mom again next week before the month will be over. My phone card needs to be recharge again. The last time my husband only put $20 in it because it was my order. He charged my phone card for $40 all the time but that time it happened that I want us to save some bucks so I decided to just charge my phone card for $20. Now, we have to charge my phone card again. I hate myself as I am not capable of controlling myself. My friend, she called her mom and she can managed to stop talking for 30 minutes while I could not.


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