Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mariah Carey's Nursery Room

I am excited for Mariah Carey for getting pregnant and for having twins. What a lucky parents they are and so as the baby born with prominent parents. They are so lucky to have a girl and a boy! Many women have twins usually have the same gender. I would not mind getting pregnant again only if  i am going to have a boy and a girl. So cute!

The Lifestyle magazine showed Mariah and Nick's nursery rooms for their twins. Beautiful and not overwhelming. Look's so cozy and comfortable. That was indeed a challenge for a parents when it comes to designing their babies nursery rooms. Instead of having pink and blue color they have pink and green and it is unique and new. I like it. Pink and blue is so traditional as people designing blue in general for baby boy and pink for baby girl.

My daughter was not such a pinky, pinky. I buy her purple and pink but she has more purple toys, dress and shoes. She loves purple. She has some pink and she likes them too. Color exposure or experimentation is not bad. It is fun to have different colors. Any say now, Mariah Carey will give birth to her twins. She is still stunning despite of her burgeoning belly. I like Mariah Carey, she is such a diva with a golden voice.


A Time Out For Mommy said...

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Shar said...

I'm following you back! :)
And I saw Mariahs nursery also and surprisingly, it looked quite "normal" you know not over the top, which is something that I'd expect from the diva lol
But it looks quite comfy and cozy, I am so happy for her!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

Purple is such a fun color for girls. I LOVE it. :)

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