Saturday, April 23, 2011

Western Movie

We watched a movie lasts night from western Channel Encore. Does not like western movies as they were like cowboys and just not my type. Majority of western movies are boring and just not my kind of genre. My husband was looking for a movie lasts night for the family to watch and landed to the Encore western. The information was interesting and has a drama in it. The title alone is so intriguing the movie called The Missing. Information was about the daughter that joined forces with her estranged father to rescue her kidnapped daughter.

The daughter was a teenager and she was kidnapped by Indians. And it was sad because these tribes of Indians were kidnapping women to sell them in exchange for moneys. As a mother, she was worried about the safety of her daughter thinking all the time if her daughter was still alive. So, therefore she befriends with her estranged father and her father was part Indian and so he knew Indian styles, ways and technique.

Horses were means of their transportation. I could tell that a mother will do everything to save her daughter evens if it means death. She sacrifices everything and very persistent just to locate her daughter and save her from those Indian people who kidnapped her daughter. The ending was very good. I like it. It was real and i told my husband that i do not like Western movies but this movie carried me away and let me stay awake until it was over.


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