Monday, April 11, 2011

Eye Check Up

I asked my husband to renew my phone card this morning and her did. Could not believed that the said phone company charged him two dollars for a $20 phone card. He does renew my phone card on the phone. We usually got the $40 phone card and i told him to get the $20 so that we can save.

Talked to my mom and we had a good chat. Talks everything about what is new in the family and relatives. She told me that my Aunt arrived two days ago. Grandma and Grandpa will goes to the eye Doctor with my  Aunties for their eye check up soon. My mom is going to as she wants to see Doctor to check her eye too. Eye problem is very typical for aging people. My grandma and grandpa have cataracts, mom and her sister was on the same page too. The fabulous four will sees their eye Doctor for check up.

The eye surgery is very expensive. My mom needs our help and i hope everything is fine and not too late. Mom's eye is developing cataract and as time progress it is getting uncomfortable. She is on her quest of lowering her blood sugar, blood pressure and applying a serious diet.

I am afraid that using too much computer can damage my eyesight which i sometimes experience. My eyes hurt so bad. I used computer everyday and not wearing any protective eyeglasses. I knew how important our eyes and i should lessen my time of using the computer.