Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Edible Cactus

I never heard before that there are some kind of cactuses that are edible. I had  been here in USA for five years already. Been going to the same grocery store for the same length of years it is our regular grocery store as it is not far from our location and they offer great prices.

I went to check out something at the Mexican aisle and on my way back after getting what i need this jar caught my attention as it was big and the price was under three dollars i thought it was a good price for a vegetable that was familiar to me back home. I got closer and to my surprise it was a jar of cactus, tender cactus to be exact!

No idea where to use it and how to it eats. Looks like it is ready to eat like a typical pickles in jars. Looking at the cactus jar i could not imagine the taste of it. I heard Aloe Vera juice is drinkable but cactus never heard of it. I had no enough time to read the label, and the health benefits if ever it has i had my family at the other aisle waiting. Next time, i will stop there and check the back label. I am so curious about it but i do not think i will love the taste of cactus.