Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mickey Mouse Balloon

Went grocery shopping today and our daughter was being a spoiled brat again. She is the only child that we have but as a couple we are considering having one more child. For now, our daughter gets what she wants. She likes balloons no matter what. Balls is also her favorite thing to play. I am willing to buy balls as she cannot break them easily unlike balloons just a poke of a needle it will deflate and ruin and wasted.

We entered the grocery store stopped to their arcade and tried to get the big dolphin stuff toy which was  not looking good. Chances were so slim and requires one dollar every time you play. I left my husband and daughter as they were still trying to get the big dolphin. Husband do not want to give up. Our daughter kept saying daddy, i want that big dolphin and my husband does not want to disappoint our daughter. Her way, again!

After that she said that she wants Mickey Mouse balloon and we got one and she said she wants clay and we got one. The Mickey Mouse balloon was big but it was too pricey six dollars for the balloon. I knew it was because Mickey Mouse design and known character. She likes Mickey Mouse. My husband is not a penny pincher though we are not rich. I am not a penny pincher either but i would do my best and will exert effort to find a good deal.

Our daughter got what she wants today. Point here, point there. Glad that they are affordable and the best part is that she knew how to listen if mommy and daddy  will says it is too expensive and we are going to come back if we have more money.