Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Driving In The Rain

My husband came home wet yesterday from work. He knew the chances of rain that was been reported earlier of the day but he took his chances drove his Honda motorcycle. He was indeed, right of that decision to drive his Honda motorcycle to work because it did not rain hard to the said place.

Here, in our place the rain was pouring heavily and i was worried about my husband. I was relieved when i saw him pulling in our driveway, i was right as his jacket  was wet, his shirt was wet and his jeans was wet. Has to changed his clothes right away. Despite of the heavy and the hail he still wants to go to the beer store to buy his beer. I was surprise. Yes, he does and got his beers.

Our daughter wants to go with him. My husband asked me if i want to go with them and i refused because i knew my responsibilities as a mother and a wife. I have to cook dinner. I do not like to eat dinner too late. So, the father and daughter left and on their way the rain was very, very heavy plus the gust of wind. It was scary, i was home and feeling safety but my mind was worrying about my husband and daughter. They were home safely.


Shar said...

Oh wow! I'm glad that they got home safely!

Mary said...

That's my everyday (worry) but the rain and bike combo would make me worry more Glad to hear they are ok!