Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoarders Buried Alive

I could not believed that there are people living unhealthy not because they are eating unhealthy foods but because they are almost buried with all their collections from junks to treasures. I like to watch TLC channel as they feature real people with real struggles in life. That kind of show is my favorite. I am not into science fiction movies or programs.

Unfortunately, the only way of other hoarders to feel better is when they buy from yard sales, shop to the stores and just keep buying things without thinking and considering the place in their house. Not noticing that they are already accumulated thousands of things and the saddest thing is being a hoarder it ruins the family, the friendships and other relationships. Who wants to go to the hoarders house and spend a day or a couple of hours? Disgusting and very uncomfortable. A depress person can also turn herself or himself into a hoarder. The problem is it is hard to detect a hoarder as they present themselves neat, clean and presentable but behind their back their hiding a secret.

Hard for them to invite their friends over because it is embarrassing to expose their secret. There are help out there. If you are a hoarder you can seek help from psychologist and other sources. Family is the greatest source of changing a hoarder. A hoarder should be willing to change from with in and be normal again. I am grateful that i do not like to collect or save things that long. I do not easily get attach to my things. Garbage cans will likes me as i always like to throw things in the garbage can. I do not like to keep them longer.  


Beyond Autism said...

Hoarding is indeed an Obsessive Compulsive issue and it tends to run in families. Recognizing your tendencies can go a long way to controlling things before they get out of control!

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