Saturday, March 12, 2011


My husband brought up the idea one day of sending our daughter to the said place called YMCA they have a two or three locations around the area I got interested too as a mother because this kind of program makes our daughter more aware, active, responsible and more functional to the society when she grows up. This will be perfect for her they offer different kinds of classes that will suit to the age of your children which include before and after school activities and what I was really interested are the swimming class and the karate class.

Our daughter is three but few months from now she will be four hubby and I are really considering of enrolling her to the swimming class we have an on ground pool which is way different compare to a really big swimming pool where she can learn how to flap and flip her arms and do some tricks under the water and to dive properly with the guidance of professional coach or teacher.

Summer time will be perfect hubby and i are going to inquire or much better pay a visit to the place there was one place which is less than 20 minutes drive from where we live. YMCA is really popular of providing different activities and they are known of being one of the best. We have to inquire about the monthly or yearly payment before enrolling our daughter.

They sent us their brochure and magazines to update us of what is new about them every month and it was good because we are updated and if we need something we can call them or visit their provided websites.