Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ramen Noodles

My daughter loves the taste of ramen noodles. She was ignoring noodles before but now wanting it. This morning we had a different breakfast as we usually had the easy and light food for breakfast. There was a left over fish from last night and a little left over of white rice. I decided to eat them for breakfast. I knew my daughter likes fish and rice and she ate, we shared.

I thought it was enough she said that she wants to eat as she was still hungry. I offered her the muffin and the pop tart but she does not want them either. She saw the ramen noodles and pointed and said that she wants it. I told her that it needs to be cook before she can eat and enjoy it and she said yah, mommy cook it. I cook and put one egg to make it healthy and more tasty.

She ate one bowl of noodles and had some grapes. Guess, it was also for her lunch as she did not ask anything yet. Probably, full and not hungry. I do not want her to balloon herself. I want my baby to stay healthy. Fortunately, she is not addicted to sweets like me.


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