Monday, October 10, 2011

We Love The T.G.I. FRiDAY’S Entrées for One

This post brought to you by T.G.I. FRiDAY'S. All opinions are 100% mine.

My family loves to eat. We really like to try everything. Food is what gives comfort to most people. I am grateful and thankful to the idea of frozen foods. It really saves me time preparing foods. I am a wife and a mother and I take care of my family especially when it comes to food. I like to buy frozen food every now and then. We already tried all the frozen food available in the groceries. My husband and kids would complain of frozen food boredom. When I went to the grocery at the frozen food section I noticed the T.G.I. FRiDAY’S new line. I was amazed and at the same time happy to try them. We love all the T.G.I. FRiDAY’S foods.

I bought the Sesame Orange Chicken and Prime Rib Stroganoff. The family had a feast. My husband loves the taste of the new T.G.I. FRiDAY’S line. Try the new exciting line of T.G.I. FRiDAY’S “Entrées for One”. They are different and tasty. You can choose from Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo, Cajun- Style Chicken Alfredo, Loaded Chicken and Cheese, Sesame Orange Chicken, Creamy Chicken Pasta Carbonara, Sizzling Chicken Fajitas, Prime Rib Stroganoff and Grilled Chicken Mac & Cheese.

The T.G.I. FRiDAY’S has a Fun Freezer contest going on. It is easy and fun to join this contest. Just visit T.G.I. FRiDAY’S Face book page at, you can also LIKE their official page. Make sure your vote will be in from October 7th until October 20th. This contest is fun. The mechanic is very simple. Just vote for what you think should win in the fun freezer contest.

Sesame Orange Chicken

Entrées For One

Prime Rib Stroganoff

Entrées For One

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