Friday, September 23, 2011

Hulsey Provides Fair Pricing And Quality Service

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Have you heard about Hulsey? The Hulsey environmental services offer wastewater removal and grease trap pumping services for commercial and industrial Food processing plants and restaurants. You can visit them online. They have their own website where you can contact them and get the quick response, fair pricing and quality service. The Hulsey also offers Wastewater recycling. When the trucks arrive to their facility carrying the organic commercial waste from grease traps or other sources, they pump that material into a holding tank, where any solids or inorganic materials are filtered out. Using variety proprietary technologies, any remaining organic solids are then removed from the liquid and are sent to a landfill in containers.


The Hulsey also have the yellow grease containers that commercial or industrial businesses can get for free. The yellow grease container will collect all the grease and other substance. Grease is harmful to waterways and aquatic life. The Yellow Grease containers come with a steel lid to prevent overflow and contamination. A grease recovery device is a recent development which aims to separate out the grease and water and collect the grease for recycling. The recovered grease is typically added to the waste vegetable oil bin where spent vegetable oil is put from the deep fryer. The collected substances will then be turn into a bio diesel fuel. This is turning waste into renewable energy.


Brown Grease


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