Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Every Night Is A Movie Night

When we went to Walmart to buy my husband's prescription we had to wait for 20 minutes before it would be available for pick up. We wandered some of the section. My husband saw DVD tapes. He bought one that has so many movies in it. He knew what genre of movies I like. Horror, suspense are my favorite to watch. He likes them too. He bought it and that night, we started watching the first movie from the said DVD. At first, a bit boring but the ending was very good and we enjoyed it.

Lasts night, we watched another movie again from the same DVD. Unfortunately, we did not finished the movie. I went to bed early and our daughter too. My husband was sleepy though he wants to see the ending of the movie but the bed was calling him already. We are going to replay the movie again tonight to see the ending. Every night will be a movie night for the whole family. We are going to play all the movies in the tape. I love when the family is complete and all watching the same thing. Our daughter is four but she knows how to go with the flow. She would not complain. Indeed, she also like to watch scary movies like Mommy and Daddy.