Monday, June 6, 2011

Russian Tortoise

We had a wild turtle before which my husband found in the street as we lived here in the country but we only had that turtle for a couple of days and turn him over to the wild life center. We named that turtle boxy because he is a box turtle. People are not allowed to keep any wild animals as a pet. Our daughter wants a turtle and so we went to Petco and bought her one it is a Russian tortoise. He was expensive but we like the turtle.

Along with our Russian tortoise turtle we bought accessories for him. We also bought two jars of turtle food and calcium. My husband did a lot of research about how to take care of the Russian tortoise. We discovered that Russian tortoise likes to eat green leafy vegetables. We did fed him for a while until we tried to fed him with mix vegetables and we noticed that he likes the mixed vegetables better. Were glad that our Russian tortoise loves to eat mixed vegetables.

All the sudden we noticed the changes in his appetite he stopped eating his mix vegetables. Made us so worried and we start feeding him green leafy vegetables again. He did like it but his appetite really change. He does not like to eat his turtle food either.