Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Pretty Tulips

The first time that i saw the tulips i fell in love with their beauties. At that time, i wanted to plant the  tulips but i was not aware about the season thing of buying the tulip bulbs. So, it was postponed did not happened and was feeling disappointed. Lasts year, i finally got the chance at the right season at the right time. We went to Lowes Hardware to buy the tulip bulbs and i planted them in Fall season before leaving for our Philippine vacation.

Came home, early this year. Funny, as my husband was teasing me and it made me kind of worried deep in my heart as it was my first time of planting the tulip bulbs. He was telling that i might had the tulip bulbs planted upside down which was absolutely not. I waited and waited and finally i saw them growing. I planted the tulip bulbs in our two flower beds. We picked the multi colored tulip bulbs and i believed we bought 200 bulbs or a little less than 200 bulbs as we got two plastics.

Our daughter, likes them all the colors and they are really growing healthy and beautiful. I like the tulip because they can grow back every year and less  maintenance . Throw or spray flower fertilizer and they will be good to maintain the blooming of their beautiful flowers. Our has different colors only we do not have the purple. I love purple and so as our daughter.

 Look at the photos:


Shar said...

Very beautiful tulips!