Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger And His 25 Year Marriage

It always amazes me hearing or knowing a couple that has been married for a very long time. When I was single I could not relate the hardness, the struggles and frustration that a couple experience  toward the husband or the wife. Nobody's perfect, anyway. It always made me smile whenever I remembered what my mom has told me. She said that  if only she could bring back the time she would and stayed single for life. Though mom is lucky to be married to our dad because he is such a good husband and excellent father to us. They are married for 30 years now despite of the ups and downs in life they are still together.

Hearing Arnold the actor being married to his wife Maria for 25 years was a total surprised I could not believed it because it is not typical here in America and specially to their status being super busy, have a very demanding careers and Arnold being in politics. Unfortunately, they separated. That is very sad and at first I was intrigue why they decided to separate there must be a valid reasoned. You cannot just simply leave the  marriage after 25 years of hardships and everything.

This morning, I saw on TV Arnold revealing the secret of fathering a child from one of his household staff. And this had happened ten years ago. I do not know if I could forgive my husband if we are in  the same situation. Each of us just needed more strength and be stronger in fighting the temptation.