Sunday, April 3, 2011

Be A Model Not A Mocker

School teachers are models and second parents of our children whenever they are in school. Their duties to teach them lessons and manners and be honest and not be rude! A seven year old girl was been mocked by her school teacher because of her hairstyle. Poor girl she had no idea she thought that her teacher likes her hairstyle because the teacher took a picture of her hair without knowing that she was exploited and mocked through Facebook.

She is only seven years old and kids like colorful things. They are not fashion expert! There are times that they like things that we do not like but they have their own mind. Need some consideration here. That was for her picture day at school and yes, was colorful and i do not think will be proper for picture taking but as a mature person, as a model you can help your student by talking to her and give valuable advise. I bet those Jolly ranchers dangling at the tip of her braids are removable and can be put back after the picture has taken.

We have our freedom to do what we want to do but we must consider everything. Make sure we are not insulting anybody or hurting other people's, feeling. Sorry is nothing if the pain, damage has done already!

As a mother, i would do the same actions like what the seven year old mother did. Doing the proper steps in legal ways. I will never ever let other people to mock my daughter. It is very painful for a mother to know that her daughter or son being mocks or bully by others.