Friday, November 29, 2013

Feel Special with Compact Mirrors that is Hand Decorated in Europe

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It is the time of the year where I thank all my friends and family and relatives for being with me through their supports and unconditional love. Every year, I make a lists of what to buy and to gift for all my love ones. Of course, for the youngsters, toys and electronics but for elders and for those middle age women, I am thinking of something that will not break my bank. 


compact mirror


They almost have everything. I am thinking of something that will be unique, something that will remind me when they use it and that's when I saw the "compact mirrors" from Mont Bleu's website. Pretty and so elegant! A piece that I can be proud of, to give to every woman in my life.


Fortunately, there is a coupon availabe to use the COUPON CODE  "SCM13" when I shop at their E-shop. I love to save some money, I loved using coupons. Every piece of their compact mirrors is well made. The high quality in each piece is visible on its appearance. I would of course, get a couple for myself because it is so hard to just have one. These mirrors will be a good collection too as its comes in different designs and colors.


compact mirror


One thing that makes these compact mirrors from Mont Bleu's, is the unique concept of being hand decorated in Europe to assure the highest standards being meet and the durability. The mirrors are made of iron, plastic or aluminum. Many designs and color variations are available, even the packing.


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