Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making Cuts

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

One of my best friends is a firefighter, and his wife is a teacher. They are a middle-income household, and they recently switched to fixed-rate energy through They made the switch about a year ago, and they really like the results they have seen. What they like the most is that they know exactly how much each month they will be spending. Like them, my wife and I are middle-class on the socioeconomic scale. And like our good friends, we try to live on a fairly tight budget. I am thinking about making the switch to fixed-rate energy as well. 

I am an elementary school teacher and my wife is a nurse. We both enjoy our jobs, and I am willing to make cuts to our budget rather than look for a higher paying job that I would enjoy less. I believe that money will not make you happy, and I would rather have a job I enjoy that pays less than I would like than a job that pays well that I dread going to every day. I know there are some who say that a job is only part of your life, and the money you make allows you to enjoy the rest of your life more. However, I just do not think that way.