Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy For My Brother

Life is really unpredictable and the future that lies ahead of us. My brother made a decision that was not acceptable for our family at that time. Time, was very difficult financially and so on and so forth. He impregnated his 18 year old girlfriend at that time. Job opportunities was really hard. My brother and his girlfriend lives together under our parents roof. The situation continued with our parents helping them out.

Five years later, an opportunity came to the couple's way. My brother's was then girlfriend is now his fiancee. They were supposed to get married lasts year but they had to choose and make the best decision. They chose the opportunity of going abroad. The couple is not going abroad but my brother's fiancee as she has a clan living and working in Japan. She did everything that needed for the said job.  Everybody was helping her financially while she was finishing her training for six months somewhere in Philippines.

Despite with all the Tsunami in Japan, the agency found the way to deployed my brother's fiancee's group to Japan. She is there working for a month now and doing very well. My sister told me that our brother's fiancee sent her first salary to her parents and sent some money to our brother too. My brother is taking care of their five year old daughter who is in first grade now and my brother bought their daughter her first bicycle. I was very happy to hear the good news about my brother and his fiancee. I hope that next year they will get married and be happy and successful to their marriage as long as they live.