Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cooking And White Wine

Being married means duties and responsibilities that you have to face day by day. Duties and responsibilities that you have to perform towards your husband and your kids. I am fortunate to have a very good husband who is not demanding, not insecure and who know how to respect me as his wife. Duties and responsibilities to my daughter too as a mother.

Never knew how to cook a real meal when i was single and living with under my parents roof. My mother does all the cooking and she is such a good cook until now. Time came, i got married and to bad as i was having a hard time learning how to cook. Fortunate that there is internet available where i can research and follow some easy steps in recipe.

As time goes on, i did not really noticed but i was silently loving the world of cooking. I started getting familiar with different spices, vegetables, part of meat and the cut style. I accumulate three different kinds of Holland white wine and Holland dry Sherry. Thought white wine for social drinking but there was really white wine for cooking. It does exist. Holland White wine for cooking was fine and not so expensive. Holland Sherry was also a hit in cooking. Most recipes need Sherry for great taste. I also have a bottle of Holland Sherry. I have to get back looking for recipes that need Holland white wine and Holland Dry Sherry to use my White wine and Sherry.


uchychy may said...

thanks for stopping following two of your blogs,really nice in here...will check out the others.