Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bed Bug Scammers

I saw some bed bugs before but it was not as bad as I had seen as reported nationally. They can multiply rapidly and they are blood little suckers. Annoying and hard to see. Killing them one by one manually is not an option. You have to hire an expert the bed bug exterminator but killing bugs with the professional helps can cause you big bucks. Requires a lot of spraying and lifting.

Desperate house owners hired bed bugs exterminators because they want to be safety again living in their house and have a good sleep at night. It was been became a national obsession the bed bugs as it was really progressing. Before, only house owners were complaining about bed bugs but you would hear establishment, boutiques, malls have them also. Scary for all clothes shoppers. Even popular stores had them bed bugs too. The bed bug sniffing dog worked well as they could sense if there are bed bugs or not.

Here comes these scammers. People will called them and ask them if there house have bed bugs although no bed bugs had seen they would say yes ! Fooling people. The bed bug sniff dog was hire and sniff all over the house and the result bed bug dog sniffer sniffs, no bugs. It was clearly a rip off. Scammers are everywhere. So we have to be careful. We have to hire the professional with a reputable background or history.


akdn2011 said...

Pests can definitely turn fantasies into an absolute nightmare. Waking up from a good sleep or quick nap with scratchy bite marks on your skin is a sign of an unhealthy house. You might not see the culprits but they leave tracks on your body that is too obvious to hide. It surely is the time to get some help with the best bug exterminators in New York City.

exterminators said...

No wonder why people would prefer to go for bed bug exterminators in New Jersey because they will no longer have to worry about the effects that they can experience when chemical products are sprayed within the area. Not all people can withstand the smell which is the reason why natural ways is always considered the best. You don’t have to worry even if you want their service in the middle of the night because they are available 24 hours a day. With their full experience as exterminators, you can instantly say that their service fee is worth your money.

V jacob said...

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