Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Tragic in Hudson River

Last night, i was in the kitchen preparing dinner. My husband turn the TV on for a local news it was around five in the afternoon and there was a report about this mother who drove his SUV Van with her kids and killed in Hudson River. I could not leave the kitchen as i was in the middle of baking and cooking dinner.  
The CBS news will start at 6:30 p.m. and there i watched and saw it in the news. What a very sad situation that a young mother of four drove the van to Hudson river killed three of her young children age from five, two and 11 month old. The eldest age ten was able to open the window and escaped from his death.
What causes this? I was intrigued! The very thing that hit my mind was postpartum. Her children were very young and who knows she might had a hard time dealing and taking of them all by herself or does she have some kind of mental problem?  
Only her knows why she committed and chooses this path to kill her children with her. The eldest son the only person who could testify about what real happen in that last moment together with his mom and siblings. He was in shocked and was shivering it was very cold in Hudson river. I was glad that he had this quick thinking. Sad that he had to witnessed his siblings dying while the SUV Van was sinking in the water.